Two weeks down... 34 to go!


The second week of school is over... I made it... We had a tropical storm last week (Monday was a "hurricane day" so no school - then Labor Day yesterday).  Nothing like cramming in work unexpectedly...

I wanted to share some of the new things I've rolled out for this school year!

1) Mountain Math - If you haven't seen it, it is a great review of pretty much every math concept.  And it's for grades K-8!  The down side is it's not technically aligned with Common Core, but it's still good review nonetheless.

2) Weekly Work - for when the kids finish early... I made a worksheet of activities I'd like them to do.  I have these GREAT Reading Comprehension cards for grades 3-5.  They are leveled progressively.  So based on their last year's test scores, I will begin each student on a different card so as to avoid any of the "I can't find the card I need," whining.  The kids will have until Friday to read 5 cards and record their 5 answers on the worksheet.
Next, I have a place for them to read an Accelerated Reader picture book and take a quiz.  

Then, they make up four math problems and solve them (six digit addition and subtraction, multiplication, division).  

Finally, I have a space for Boggle words :)

*Phew!*  I've got them busy busy busy all day! ;)

What did you try new this year?

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  1. I've heard great things about Mountain Math. I want to explore it more.


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