States of Matter

Even though I have an intern, I still have the itch to teach (especially when it's something fun).  I realized that the class was studying the states of matter and immediately logged onto my Pinterest account because I knew I had some awesome pics.  I found two that I really liked and combined them into one activity.  The kids were so good during the process, one said, "It's so quite."  My reply was, "THAT'S what working sounds like."  LOL  Kids are so funny (and honest).

So here are the pins I had on my Pinterest for instiration:
Frogs and Cupcakes


This was what I ended up with.  
(I always show the completed model first - helps those "whole-to-part" students)

I passed out rulers, liquid glue and construction paper.  I also took the kids step-by-step through numbers 1-5 below displaying on the document camera.  Here were my directions to my 4th graders:

1. "Turn the paper landscape." (using math terms here people - no hotdogs or hamburgers here)
2. "Using ONLY PENCIL, write the title States of Matter."
3. "Using your ruler, draw a horizontal line under the title."
4. "How many inches across is the paper?"    
    "12 inches." 
    "How many sections do I want to make for my topics?"
    "What is 12 divided by 3?"
    "So I want to make a notch every 4 inches.  Place your ruler on the line you just drew and mark it at 4 and 8 inches.  Now do the same with the VERY bottom edge of your paper."
5. "Using your ruler, connect the notches to make two vertical lines."
6. "Now that you have three sections, copy my model EXCEPT, I want YOU to write in your OWN examples."
7. "When you are finished with your written work, raise your hand and I will give you a handful of 'particles'.  Use these to model how the particles look in each state of matter."
8. "When your work is complete, you may trace your pencil with marker and you may eat any remaining Fruit Loops."

Let me tell you, I had kids working so quickly and quietly.  They really enjoyed this activity.  I've already got the next idea cooking ;)

Update: Here is the bulletin board when all is said and done :)

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  1. Fun way to model the phases of matter. Thanks for the inspiration!


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