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Freebie!! Coordinates (single and quads)

We had fun with coordinate planes today...

Made this little diddy.  The kiddos loved it (well most of them).  The squirrels attention-challenged students had a hard time finishing.  But I just graded what they had ;)  Get your freebie now!


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Vent ALERT!!

"What do you mean we aren't retaining any kids this year?"

Befuddled, confused, annoyed, furious - these are all the emotions that erupted as I was told that we can't retain any kids...  REALLY?!?  Even the one who doesn't take any notes because he can "do it in his head" yet gets them wrong, doesn't check/correct his work, doesn't do 90% of the homework, doesn't answer questions correctly in class, doesn't stay on task for small group instruction. REALLY?!?  Get's 25% (regularly) on independent work, which is the same as if the student was to guess.  Can't spell his way out of a paper bag...REALLY?!?

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this kid!  But this one really needs to stay in 4th grade!  He passed 3rd by the skin of his teeth... Oh, he will just flounder in 5th grade :(

When asked who was not going to pass the alternative test which students are taking tomorrow, I said the student's name (which should not be a surprise since this cherub has been on "the list" since last year...).  The response I got was, "Well we can't retain any kids anymore."

"WHAT?!?  What kind of BS is THAT?!?  Since when and says who?"

Long and short of it, the new Super says we can't because research shows that students who are retained are more likely to drop out.

Well, duh!  So now we just pass everybody along??

Oh!  And it doesn't end there... the state would have to pay for another year of public education for this retainee... REALLY?!?  THAT's where this world is headed??

Is it just me?  Am I the last to hear of this astonishing news??  Is it even true??  Or is this some sort of joke?

Linky Party - What do you listen to on your drive??

Fern Smith has started a fun linky party!  


Well, I have SirusXM radio and listen to Cosmo Radio.  In the morning I listen to "Wake Up with Taylor" and in the afternoon, I listen to "Cocktails with Patrick".  Both are quite funny.  I have been listening to talk (entertainment - not news - let's get it straight) radio since I was able to drive.  

So what do you listen to?  Visit Fern's linky party and join in the fun!

Father's Day Primary Writing Activity (and foldable)

Just added a Primary Writing Activity for Father's Day...
Pass it on :)  Visit my shop for your copy today!

TN        TPT

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For all you do, you are appreciated :)  

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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Some of my (in)famous emails to parents...

If you haven't caught on yet, I love to write.  With that being said, much of my communication to parents is via email...  Here is one I sent today, as well as some others I've sent in the past... Enjoy :)

This is the picture I attached.

Here are some past emails...

Let me preface this with, our PTO had an uproar about too much homework earlier in the day.  I didn't have any complaints *goody-two-shoes grin*

Anyone who teaches 4th grade or higher can relate...


Word Wall Linky!

Jen from The Teachers' Cauldron is hosting her first linky!  We are all taking snapshots of our word walls to get a little inspiration for next year :)  Here is mine. (I actually put my words back up after state testing for this pic...)

I color code my words so I can refer to them more easily.  I teach 4th grade in Florida which is when we do the state writing assessment. 

Here is my key:

Yellow are my "sentence starters" - "I want to see at least 7 sentence starters in your paper today." 

Red - are commonly misspelled words I find in student papers

Hot Pink - our "hot words" or our "repertoire of words" - these are high-level vocabulary words I find in books we read or just ones I like to use

Orange - external transitions for essay writing

I'd love to see your Word Wall!  Link up!

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