Division FREEBIE!

Calling all 4th grade teachers!!

***Division Freebie***

I don't know about you, but grading papers is my LEAST favorite part of teaching lol.  Somehow, I remember LOVING these self-checking worksheets when I was a kid.  So I'm trying my hand at'em




Narrative writing

Background: I teach 4th grade in South Florida.  Here in my state, the kids take a writing assessment in 4th, 8th, and 10th grades.  In fourth grade the focus is on essay writing and on narrative writing.  We've been teaching expository writing since the beginning of school and now's the time to switch gears to narrative.

I've introduced problem-based narrative stories with a number of books.  Some of my faves are: 

Owen by Kevin Henkes
Kitten's First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes
The Cow Who Wouldn't Come Down by Paul Johnson
Dog Breath by Dav Pilkey
Mrs. Toggle's Zipper by Robin Pulver
The Most Perfect Spot by Diane Goode
You Can't Move a Hippo by Michael Catchpool

More on how I do this later...

So now, I need to teach this little sponges how to write these types of narrative stories.  

I wanted to share this first one with you all.  Leave me feedback with your email, and I will send you another little goodie.


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