I am currently a 4th grade teacher in South Florida.

I've been in education for 11 years.  When I began, in 2001, I was a multi-age (K-1) teacher.  What a great way to start off a teaching career!  Boy, did I ever dive right into differentiated instruction (long before the term was even common jargon).  Talk about meeting the needs of various learners!  I had students who couldn't recognize their name and 1st graders who where reading chapter books!  Did I mention that my first year teaching we didn't have textbooks?  We didn't have Teacher's Editions?!?  I didn't know any better :).  Phew!  So from day one, I've ben making and creating activities for my students.

Later, I moved to South Florida where I began teaching 4th grade.  Scary at first, but I didn't realize I was being offered a grade I would grow to LOVE!  I taught at this top-ranked charter school in Western Broward County for 4 years.

Then I had an itch, an itch to venture outside the classroom.  I packed up my supplies and began training teachers with a well-known writing company here in Florida.  I was a trainer for the company for two years - these two years where priceless.  I thoroughly enjoyed helping fellow teachers create lessons and achieve goals in writing with their students.

Then the itch subsided... I missed having my OWN kids, my OWN team, my OWN class.  That's where I am today.  I teach in a charter school in South Broward County with a GREAT group of teachers.  My students are AWESOME and I love what I do.

Now I'm ready to share what I do with teachers everywhere.  I look forward to learning and sharing in this new community of teachers.


Summyr Siegel


  1. Very nice blog. Welcome to our world! I'm in central Florida. If you need anything I'm happy to help you.

  2. Summyr I can't find an email to contact you on Pinterest or your blog. Will you please email about your Teacher Notebook posts on my Pinterest boards? Or just go check your pins, many of them are to TPT and not Teachers Notebook.
    Thanks FernleySmith@yahoo.com


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