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TPT in Miami

After Deanna Jump's debut on CNN and CBS This Morning (and if you didn't see it, click the link to each station), I received an email from a local reporter in Miami.  Christina Hernandez wanted to interview me about Teachers Pay Teachers and my thoughts on the site.

"Sure!" I responded, with a mix of pride and anxiety.

On Monday, she stopped by (with her camera guy) and they stayed for about an hour.  While the cameraman set up and scoped out spots for the perfect shot, she and I chatted a bit about my pregnancy.  I'm a soon-to-be first time mom and she just had her first.  We swapped stories and she gave great tid-bits of advice.  But I digress... 

As soon as the microphone was attached, my heart pounded.  With each question, my breath seemed to shorten lol.  I don't think I had ever been THIS nervous!

She asked me about TPT and how I got started.  My friend and colleague, Mor Zrihen from a Teacher's Treasure, got me in on it.  She suggested I share my ideas and make some residual income at the same time.  Shortly after I began blogging, I set up shop.  Since April, I've enjoyed the benefits of TPT and met some great virtual friends in the process.

When asked who my "favorites" were to buy from, I quickly shared.  "Of course, Mor from a Teacher's Treasure!  Michelle at The 3am Teacher, and Jennifer Runde from Runde's Room."

Although my shout out didn't make the final cut, I'd love to share the two and a half minute clip with you all.



My 30 seconds of fame!

If you live in South Florida, check out NBC 6 tonight at 11pm (or DVR it if you will be asleep).  Check out the promo clip of Caitlin Clabby (AKA Kindergarten Smiles) and me talking about the perks of Teachers Pay Teachers :)!/on-air/as-seen-on/Tonight-at-11-p-m-/179508151

Thanksgiving Writing (gobble gobble)

So it's after school and I'm cutting out the sample for my next product.  I have a group of my students who stay in my class during aftercare because it's quite and they can do homework.  One of my fourth graders says, "OH!  Are we going to make THAT?!?"  (See below)  My response was, "Really?!?  You want to make this?"  I guess I forget these kids are still kids and like to make "kiddy" crafts lol.  With that, I added intermediate paper to my "primary craftivity"  Now it's for all grades ;).

Any thoughts?  Do any of you intermediate teachers out there do projects like this with your little artists?

For a copy of this "Craftivity" go to my Teachers Pay Teachers shop.

I also uploaded some FREE writing paper :)  I'm trying my hand at creating graphics!  Enjoy!

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