Somethin' I made for the Parents :)

*sigh*  I've been napping all weekend!  I don't know if it's the pregnancy or the fact that school begins tomorrow ;)  Either way, I've got a ton to share and have been so busy setting up the class (and having endless amounts of in-service trainings zzz).

We had "Meet the Parent" night on Thursday.  I had a pretty good turn out.  Only three no-shows out of 25.  One is believed to be withdrawing.  So fingers crossed for 24 kiddo *grin*.

For the two-hour event, I made folders for each parent.  In the folders I had the following:

(on the left - things I needed back that night)
Parent Questionnaire (to fill out that night)
Emergency Contact info sheet for the school (G-D forbid if something happened on day one!)
A piece of paper to write their child a note (which I put in their desk for the first day)
School forms
A magnetic business card with my info on it
A little gift from me (see below)

(on the right - things I needed back the first week)
Emergency Clinic Cards
Discipline agreement
Why Reading is Important (can't find the exact one but similar to this)
Ron Clark's 55 Essentials (see below)

So I was trying to think of something clever to give to the parents as a symbol of our working together this year.  I knew I had to have store bought goodies but what to write as a note.... hmmm...

Here's what I came up with :)

It's a recipe for a Scholarly Student :)  I've got the "recipe" in my store :)

On a different note (ha pun hehe), We kicked off our pre-planning week with an inspirational speech from Ron Clark.  If you haven't heard of him, check out his story.  It's so inspiring.  It makes me so glad I chose teaching as my profession.  I saw the movie prior to this speech and it was great - worth a second viewing ;)

I've been reading his book The Essential 55 and let me tell you, my kids this year are TOTALLY doing all 55 (plus the 29 rules of etiquette).  Kids these days have lost those manners and fundamental actions each person should strive to live by.

Well, I'm off to go do some last minute things before I head off to bed.  First day with the kids tomorrow.  I'll dish on that later ;)

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