Cause and Effect with The Lorax

What a great end to the week!  Well, the teaching part was great... The field trip part, not so much O.o (read on about THAT).

Super cute Cause/Effect Books.  Check it out. (Excuse the cursive - we are still practicing)

We also made Lorax mustaches lol (found those on Pinterest).
I drew this and made a template.  Grab this freebie.

Now, about the field trip...

I made arrangements to see the 3-D version of The Lorax.  When we arrived there (on time, mind you - 30 min before show time), the three staff members (yes, I said 3) were just popping the first kernels of popcorn and placing the nozzles on the soda fountain.  Are you kidding me?!?  With 128 kids there, really?!?  We gave notice - it's not like it was "Surprise, we're here!"

Then, we sent the kids into the theatre to sit and wait.  "I thought we were going to see a 3-D movie?" one child asked.

My blood pressure got a bit higher.

"My paperwork says you are going to see the 2-D movie," the "manager" replied.

Quickly, I whipped out my cell phone and dialed the corporate office.  But oh they are closed.  Colorado is 2 hours behind us. *Ugh*

Now it's creeping up to 10:00, an hour after our arrival (and 30 minutes after our anticipated start time).  Parents are racing back and forth with soda and popcorn to give to our kiddos.  The three __(insert colorful plural noun)__ behind the counter are scrambling to finish the snacks.

Meanwhile, I call corporate UH-gain and finally get a live person - actually the girl who helped me from day one.  I tell her the dilemma and she tells me that her records show that we are signed up for a 2-D movie.

"If I wanted to see a 2-D movie, I would've taken my kids to the theatre five minutes from our school.  We drove 30 minutes to get here.  I don't care what your computer screen says, I know what I asked for - a 3-D movie."

"Well you can see the 3-D movie but it costs extra," was her "textbook" response.

"This is what's going to happen: I asked for a 3-D movie, we are getting a 3-D movie and we are NOT going to pay extra."

"Is there a manager nearby?"

Problem solved.

So the drama fizzled and we started the movie (45 minutes late).  After all that, The Lorax was a GREAT movie.  The kids loved it and it was such a lovely rendition of the book and then some.

Oh, and did I mention that the Science Test was postponed yet ANOTHER day.  Good thing they are called lesson "plans".  Kids took it Friday :)

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  1. Their books came out super cute!! You've been Pinned!!!
    So much field trip drama! Glad it's behind you :)

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