Classroom Job Application for Students

Alright.. So I've tried a new tactic for classroom jobs this year... In the past, I've changed my jobs each week, rotating in ABC order *big yawn*.  Well, I have so many things I delegate (oh the perks of being an upper grades teacher) that I wanted some more efficiency in the quality of work the kids did.  I mean, it IS their classroom too...

I came up with this job application.  Each nine weeks I send out a new application.  The better I know the kids, the less "random" my job selection becomes.  Unfortunately, I had to fire one child the other day.  I gave three chances but...  I mean, the Mail Manager is a VERY important job.  So when kids weren't getting their homework, I had to put on my best Donald Trump.  Fortunately for me, I wasn't such the bad guy after all.  The student switched jobs with the Line Leader.  *Phew!*  All's happy :)  Now if I could only get him to stop where I want him *hehe*.

I like the way this application is working out.  It gives kids a chance to really cultivate their task.  Even if you changed the jobs each month, it's a good outcome for everyone.

Before we switch jobs, we have an "office party".  I bring donuts, juice, etc. and I present a few "Exceptional Employee" awards :)

Here's the first page.  Download the WORD version and edit to your liking.

Let me know if you try it out.  


  1. Love this Summyr!!!! Will def. be suing it next year {if I get moved down}!!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen from...
    A Teacher's Treasure
    Teaching Treasures Shop

  2. Love this! I have had my kiddos write me a persuasive letter about getting the job they would like to have, but I had never thought about an application.

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