Happy Monday!

So not only is it pre-Spring Break week, it's also Spirit week (thus the kids in pajamas).  This is the perfect week to do this Lorax Unit.

I started by having the students do a "Sketch-a-Story" about pollution (one a presenter used in a training in August).  I showed this on my Smart Board and uncovered each statement as they sketched.

Imagine a big lake.
Next to the lake is a huge factory.
Give your factory a name.
On the lake is a fishing boat with a fisherman.
Give your boat a name.
Suddenly, the factory begins to leak toxic waste into the lake.
The fisherman catches a fish.
The fisherman sells the fish to a nearby restaurant.
Give the restaurant a name.
Inside the restaurant is a couple, eating.
They eat the fish the fisherman caught.
When they leave the restaurant, they get sick.

Some of their sketches were really funny.

Afterwards students retold the story to their partner and we briefly discussed the cause and effect relationships.

Tomorrow we dive into the Figurative Language on The Lorax.  Thanks Mor for the Seuss Hat Foldable!   The kids LOVED making it today.  

Next we will find the examples in the story.  I'll use this chart to help students locate examples.  

Download this Freebie!

Then they shall choose the example they want to write into their Foldable.  

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  1. Yey! Their Seuss hats came it awesome! Thanks for the shout out! I love the
    the sketch-a-story activity. Totally forgot about that one!!!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen from...
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