Make your Library Last Longer!!

(Like the Alliteration?? LOL)

"Mrs. Siegel (well, it was my maiden name back then but you get it), the cover came off this booooook," claimed the whiny child waving a copy of Goosebumps in my face.  I had to think of a way to keep my books intact year after year.

Viola!  I (and when I mean I, I mean I convinced parents to help me) began covering my chapter books with clear contact paper.  To date, I have not had one more book fall apart on me.  It was well-worth it to invest the time (or volunteer hours hehe).

Yesterday, I spent some time covering some of my book club books.  Yes, I have a closet dedicated to my book club sets of books... I know I'm not the only one.  But dang it, I have too many to have in my teeny weeny classroom.  So I sat myself down at the kitchen table, flipped on some ON DEMAND and watched a marathon of Dallas (my new vice) while I cut contact paper.

You need a roll of clear contact paper.  You can get this at Target, Publix, Ace Hardware, and just about anywhere that has a "kitchen" section.  You also need good scissors and your books to cover.

Here is a picture tutorial.

Cut 14" of Contact Paper (larger for thicker books)

Then cut the Contact Paper in half

Pull the backing off the Contact Paper and lay sticky side up.  Then place the binding of the book in the middle of the paper.

Gently lay one side down...

Then turn the book over to the other side.

Trim triangles off each edge of paper.

It looks like this when done with this step.

Cut where the binding inverted "V" and then trim off.

Then you end up with this...

Fold in each edge to the back and front cover of the book.

This is what it will end up looking like.

And you're done!

I've also done this with some of my picture books, student workbooks, and soft-cover books that belong to my school.

Happy Saving!!


  1. This is a good tip, is the contact paper expensive? I am so tired of all my paperbacks getting ruined after just a few years!

    Thanks for sharing!
    I am your newest follower! I am a new blogger and love connecting with other teachers!

    Fancy Free in Fourth

  2. Thanks for joining my site :) I'm now YOUR newest follower!

    The contact paper is reasonably priced. Advice: DO NOT get the "DUCK" brand. It is way too difficult to work with. The Con-Tact brand is the best. There are varying widths but if you do the math, a 48" roll (all the ones I've seen have a width of 18") will cover about 6-8 books depending on the width of the binding. Walmart has a roll for under $6. But if you go to Target and buy a 900" x 18" for $20 it will cover about 130 books. So do your research before you buy.

    I'm also going to start covering my picture books this year. We shall see how THAT pans out ;)

    Best of luck in the Bloggy World!


  3. Best idea I've seen in awhile!! I am totally going to find a parent to do this!! Thanks for the picture tutorial! I am your newest follower!
    Visit me @ Fun in 1st Grade

  4. What an awesome idea! I love your blog! I went to the Scholastic Books Warehouse sale last month and purchased a ton of books for $85. I'm planning to visit Walmart and Target tomorrow and get started right away!

    By the way, I'm a first year teacher and will teach third grade in September. I'm both excited and nervous about finally having my own classroom. My new hobby is searching for teacher blogs in an effort to gain more ideas. I've also gained an addiction to Pinterest. LOL! I'm also your newest follower so please visit my blog and join. I'm a newbie and still learning.....

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