Back to business peeps...

Greetings all!

I've been back in town for two weeks but as any of you know, sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation :)

Alaska was UH-mazing!  Glaciers, wildlife, and yummy food (oh my).  My husband and I ate THE best king crab!  As for Seattle, I think I've seen enough of Seattle to last me a lifetime.

Since I've been back, I've been making these writing task cards.  I don't know about you, but sometimes the writing prompts provided at my local "teacher store" are not what I'm looking for.  Thus, if you can't find - create.  Right?  So here they are...

I'm excited about them.  They will be an easy addition to a literacy center.

My next activity jumbling my mind will be coming down the line *rubbing my hands together*  Don't you just love when you come up with an idea that will just make your teaching that much easier?  Hint: I'll be going back to composition books next year (thank GOD - I hate those stupid spiral notebooks).

Oh!  And did I tell you?!?  I've decided on a theme this year (wait for it) Zebra and Neon.  I know, I know... it's been done before.  But let me tell you... my mom came to visit and she gave me her old sewing machine.  I made pillows for my reading nook.  SEE!  I'm so proud of my new-found hobby hehehe.  The green and pink even have sparkles!!


Then I went online and found this on Pinterest
It's to help your little ones line up.  I teach fourth and let me tell you, my kids always line up in number order and this will help with the jam at the front of the line.  What is it?  They really want to get outta class THAT badly lol.  The comments on Pinterest say vinyl lasts longer so I found this website that I could use to create my OWN vinyl stickers!!!!!  I can't hold my excitement.  Anyone who knows me, knows I go all out - with everything!  So here is the site I found STICKER YOU!  Here are the stickers I made and ordered (I hope I don't have more than 24 kids this year...)

More exciting ZEBRAtastic fun to come!  Stay tuned :)

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