Word Wall Linky!

Jen from The Teachers' Cauldron is hosting her first linky!  We are all taking snapshots of our word walls to get a little inspiration for next year :)  Here is mine. (I actually put my words back up after state testing for this pic...)

I color code my words so I can refer to them more easily.  I teach 4th grade in Florida which is when we do the state writing assessment. 

Here is my key:

Yellow are my "sentence starters" - "I want to see at least 7 sentence starters in your paper today." 

Red - are commonly misspelled words I find in student papers

Hot Pink - our "hot words" or our "repertoire of words" - these are high-level vocabulary words I find in books we read or just ones I like to use

Orange - external transitions for essay writing

I'd love to see your Word Wall!  Link up!



  1. I have that same alphabet in my class!!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. Love the sentence starters and transitional words.

  3. ooh - I love how it coordinates with writing skills!!


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