Some of my (in)famous emails to parents...

If you haven't caught on yet, I love to write.  With that being said, much of my communication to parents is via email...  Here is one I sent today, as well as some others I've sent in the past... Enjoy :)

This is the picture I attached.

Here are some past emails...

Let me preface this with, our PTO had an uproar about too much homework earlier in the day.  I didn't have any complaints *goody-two-shoes grin*

Anyone who teaches 4th grade or higher can relate...


  1. You make me laugh! I am stealing your words to include in my own note to parents about the need for improved hygiene. Actually had to find out where there was a washer/dryer on campus so I can teach one to do his own laundry since no adult in the house will do it.

  2. OMG! That's so sad :( But I'm glad you enjoy my emails :) Feel free to take any parts of the emails you'd like hehe

  3. Roaring, I'm laughing so hard :)

    The deodorant email is my favorite!


    Fun in Room 4B

  4. These are great! Teaching Kindergarten I love the snack email! I always have unclaimed snacks... I can only imagine the email you could write for me about the unclaimed underwear I had to place by our front door last week! =)

    The Daily Cupcake…A Kindergarten Blog

  5. haha I just had the deodorant talk with my kiddos the other day!!! I told them that their sweat doesn't smell so pretty anymore :) Love the idea of following up with a notice to the parents though! I meant to, but never got around it! And yours is so well written! :)

    Lessons with Laughter

  6. I can totally relate to these! I find myself often having the body odors discussion with my student. I wish I was swift enough to think of homework like you did in the last email. My student can also benefit from an activity such as this (hence today's discussion after cleaning up from a project)! Ikes!


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