OMG! Book Clubs on Steroids!

::Flashback to 2005::

It was the day of Parent Orientation (the Thursday before school began).  I was a third year teacher on a fourth grade team.  We were departmentalized and I was set to teach Math and LOVES...until {dun dun dun} one of the Reading/LA teachers accepted a position at another school leaving the team to hire a substitute-turned teacher in her place.  The curriculum coach turns to me and says, "I need you to teach Reading and Writing."  {insert tears}  I was beyond nervous, beyond scared, beyond bummed.  I understood why she "needed" me to teach Reading and Writing to these fourth graders - the state tests!

I had only taught kindergarten before teaching 4th grade Math/Science.  I didn't know WHAT I was doing.  This was before Pinterest, before blogs, before basically Facebook lol

The curriculum coach was so helpful.  I can never thank her enough.  She introduced me to Book Clubs and my kids fell in LOVE.  I still use them to this day...

WAIT...NOT EXACTLY... Now I use Book Clubs on Steroids!!

In 2005, the Curriculum Coach gave me 4 activities to do with my Book Clubs.  Over the past 9+ years and Common Core, they have evolved to 30 activities and 5 writing prompts.

I have finally finished this compilation just in time for the TPT Back-to-School Sale :)  So plop it into your cart for the sale!!  Go to this link to be directed to this invaluable resource :)

Here's a sample of one of the Reading pages:

Here are the Writing Prompts:

So look for this cover page in the TPT store!
 Common Core Reading and Writing Strategy Practice

Thanks for the LOVE!!


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