The End of the Year CRAM...

So yesterday our Sunshine Committee (I'm one of the peeps who run it) set up a happy hour celebratory gathering to drink unwind and gossip get to know each other better.  While I was there, one teacher raises her glass of chardonnay, "Here's to 28."

I furrowed my brow and said, "28 what?"

"28 days of school left!" she smiles.

"WHAT?!?  REALLY!!??"

After we clinked our glasses, my mind hasn't stopped.  I have 7 chapters of Social Studies to get through in 28 days!!!  I mean, Social Studies in my state isn't tested so we haven't taught in a few months *ashamed cringe*

This is my potential solution... I have reviews I have made from previous years (I teach Florida History so it doesn't change much - even when we get a new book).  It's basically rephrased questions from the test but in open-ended format whereas the test is multiple choice.  Bad I know... Honestly, I feel like if they can remember the basics, they can Google the rest like everyone else in the world...

Minus our 2 days off for Memorial Day and 3 field trips, we can take a test every 3 days... EEK... Open-book tests too.  Isn't reference and research an important skill to practice??  Any advice?

What do you have to CRAM in at the end of the year?  How do you solve your dilemma?


  1. Oh my!! I sooo feel ya! It's the same here in Texas. I'm ashamed to admit that I have just as many chapters to get through in the same amount of time...and we have a district vocabulary test in a couple of weeks!! YIKES! Sorry...the state tests reading, writing, and mind has been elsewhere!! Love your blog!

    Confessions of a Fourth Grade Teacher

  2. What if you split student's into 7 groups one for each chapter and have them read and do a mini project to present to the class? You could even assign one section heading at a time and have expectations set out for each heading to spread out over time.

  3. Yikes! Scariness! I will say a prayer for your stress! I am a new follower :)
    Crayons and Curls

  4. I found your blog from Farley's blog! I loved your idea of the torn heart activity to teach empathy. If you have written a blog post about it, please link up to my Make A Difference Mondays link party! There is a chance to win a really cute purse!!! Looking forward to following your blog!


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